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Passion is a desire

that motivates, electrifies

and who pushes


despite the storms

of life.




Harmony, creativity and passion.


Catherine Le Clercq is a Belgian artist who has alwaybeen fascinated by the eyes, looks are her main source of inspiration. 

She studied drawing and illustration.
Then she worked as a graphic designer
for more than 25 years putting her artistic career 

Following a significant event in 2011,
she went back to drawing and can no longer live without it.

Today, she combines her three passions, travel, drawing and graphic design,
by combining writings with portraits 
of the world tinged with emotions.

His messages are the simplest but most obvious, they can be summed up to a few fundamental values such as peace, justice, equality and tolerance. In a world of ultra-consumption, of technological ascent, she focuses on the human and what is most beautiful in him, his soul.

She draws on old papers and plays with titles, typography and patterns
to create harmonious compositions. 

With her great sensitivity, Catherine
Le Clercq transports us elsewhere and delivers works full of 
delicacy and candy.



Professionnal career


2003 2021

Louvain Cooperation (LLN)

Creation and production of logos, graphic charters, 

brochures, manuals, posters, websites,...


2008 > 2016

Karamel (Waterloo)

Creation of magazines, logos, leaflets, brochures,...


2001 > 2002

Genagro (LLN)

Creation of agronomic drawings and image editing.


1988 > 1999

Microscript (Brussels)

Creation and production of logos, leaflets, brochures, 

annual reports, guides, monthly, invitations...



Studio Mireille Vicat (Brussels)

Coloring cartoons.



1985 1988


St. Luc Brussels

1983 > 1985

Artistic humanities 

St. Luc Brussels


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